Answers to frequently asked questions
What is an online marathon?

In connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, we decided to organize a distance marathon. An online marathon is a single race of people from all over the world at the same time. After the race, the runners upload the results to the site. Based on these results, a table of participants will be formed, where they will be assigned places.

Where should I run?

The race takes place in any place convenient for you. All you need is to run your chosen distance.

How to make and send results?

In order to prepare the results for uploading to the site, you must use a running application on a smartphone or a watch with a fitness tracker function during the race. At the moment, the list of popular applications looks like this:
You can use any convenient application or fitness bracelet (watch). To send us the result, you will need to take a screenshot (screenshot) and upload the result in image format.

When will I receive my starter pack and medals?

You will receive a starter pack, like medals, after the race.

Why is it necessary to indicate the address of residence?

The exact address is needed so that we can send you a starter pack and medals.

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